Tank Universal

Tank Universal

Experience the art of war in futuristic tanks


  • Impressive 3D tanks
  • Helpful tutorial


  • Can be too difficult at times


Driving a tank is never an easy task - not even on a computer. Because you have to control both the driving and the gun it's almost like fighting two battles at once.

Universal Tank takes this challenge a stage further by placing you in a battlefield of extreme complexity. You and your trusty tank must confront many enemies and obstacles like turrets, tanks and even airships.

Although the game is rather difficult it includes a neat tutorial that guides you through the process of competing in intense battles. Universal Tank uses a graphics engine that provides classic visuals in glittering 3D.

Tank Universal is an exciting, action-packed 3D tank combat game. Roll your way across a strange new digital world. Take part in intense tank battles involving scores of AI controlled units both friendly and not so friendly!

Tank Universal


Tank Universal

User reviews about Tank Universal

  • by Anonymous

    Worth playing, but not worth buying.
    It says FULL version...but this is just a DEMO. Its a good game, but I woul...   More